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  • Plastic materials molding Naples

    Thermosetting resins on behalf of a third party

    The company has dealt with plastic materials molding in and around Naples since 1961 and it is specialized in the electrical, electronic, automotive, electrical appliance and mechanical sector. The company has developed over the years and has reached success in a very competitive field. It has managed to make a name thanks to the ability to reproduce any milling and turning manufacturing of standard materials such as PVC and PE and special ones on a draft or a sample. In fact, Etimaterieplastiche produces items by milling and turning plastic materials for its customers. It provides them customized and made-to-order products.

  • Staff and history

    The company was founded by Francesco Aliberti in 1958. He became the manager of the company in 2004 and his daughter Mena runs it and deals with the technical management of the company. Over the years the company has changed although it has held the value of work and its customers in high regard. Nowadays Eti molds plastic materials in its design and manufacturing department and it boasts an excellent workshop in which electrical and mechanical components are combined. The company takes care of its customers. That is why all the services are always qualified and customized according to the needs. The company deals with various sectors: electrical, electronic, electrical appliance, mechanical and automotive. The headquarters is a little way from the city center and it has been successfully working in plastic materials molding and thermosetting resins on behalf of a third party for many years.

  • HARDWARE keys Napoli

    HARDWARE keys Napoli

    Tools for your safety

    HARDWARE key is a tool that usually connects to a laptop or a desktop computer through a USB connector (Universal Serial Bus). Traditionally, HARDWARE key was used to authenticate clients. These types of software protection devices are often known as keys or simply as safety devices. Therefore, HARDWARE keysare safety devices that the manufacturer uses to prevent bootleg copies of a program.

  • Packing cartridges

    Packing cartridges

    The company has been qualified in the electronic, electrical,electrical appliance, automotive, mechanical sector for years and offers a wide range of items, such as packing cartridges, which meet the different needs of the customers. The company offers quality products and efficient services especially delivery one. The customer is always served with professionalism and tact.

  • Winding reels Naples

    Winding reels Naples

    Eti offers winding reels. Here customers who look for windings reels can find a wide choice of items. In fact, the company has a wide range of products and it is ready to solve and offer its customers the best products. The winding reels are created with a high-strength material and you can customize them with silkscreen or pad printing. Plastic reels are usually used to wrap materials or chains but there are larger reels for heavier materials. These reels can be useful for many uses. The staff is ready to advise customers to help them to find what suits them.

  • Protection lids Naples

    Protection lids Naples

    The protection lids are designed to be resistant and safe to protect the materials from shocks or pollutants and to continue their productive life. The company offers a wide range of protection lids for all the needs to prevent risks. For these items you can contact Eti that has different types of protection lids depending on the specific needs of the customers.

  • High-voltage terminals and cores Naples

    High-voltage terminals and cores Naples

    High-voltage terminals and cores are fundamental materials for specialized companies and for those who work with electrical stiffness. That is why you can contact Eti that has different types according to the specific needs of the companies.

  • Dairy containers Naples

    Dairy containers Naples

    Eti has produced dairy containers for many years. There are several models of dairy containers according to the manufacturer needs. Therefore, the Neapolitan company produces any kind of customized plastic container for industrial uses and specific needs: storage, handling and upkeep of dairy products. Eti sells mass-produces plastic containers for industrial use and specialized customers who look for high quality products.

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